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SNKW-P4 Detonator Welding Machine

Sonikel Ultrasonic offers innovative and domestic solutions specific to the explosives industry. It is used safely in underground and above-ground explosions by obtaining unlimited delay opportunity with the 3-layer shock tube technology produced with the 3-layer shock tube technology, which is also called NONEL (Non-Electric) capsule in the explosive sector. In the non-electric ignition system, the energy moves through the shock tube and detonates the capsule. In the meantime, the shock tube, unlike the detonating wick, is not damaged, nor does it deafen the explosive in the hole. Perforated Non-electric Capsule; It is a millisecond delayed, non-electric shock tube capsule system. Ultrasonic Welding Machines are used in the production of non-electric shock capsules and shock tubes. Welding technologies working with the temperature principle are not used in order to prevent the shock capsules from being activated in explosive products with the feature of being ignited by temperature. Ultrasonic Welding Systems, called cold welding technology, are used instead. Sonikel Ultrasonic provides Ultrasonic welding solutions to Turkey's 3 largest non-electric shock capsule manufacturers. It also produces automation software for Ultrasonic Welding machines used in the explosive industry. In this way, welding is started with the help of sensors without touching the welding point. The main goal is to have a short ultrasonic welding cycle time and a high production speed. Sonikel has also implemented software and hardware solutions suitable for this target in the Turkish explosives industry.


Frequency: 20 kHz
Output Powers: 1000W / 2000W
Supply Voltage: 230V / 50-60 Hz
Setting Options: Welding / Cooling / Delay Times
Feature: Fiberoptic Sensor
Control Output: Over Current and Voltage
PLC Control: On-off / over current and voltage information
Power Supply Dimensions: 450 X 450 X 160 mm
Press Dimensions: 470 X 420 X 690 mm

SNKW-P4 Katalog