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Ultrasonic cut is the most effective way of making fast and smooth cuts in the food industry today. Ultrasonic cutting technology offers both an economical solution in the industry as well as an environmentalist technology. Because when the ultrasonic method is used, the business processes are shortened because of which an operator is not needed to cut, as well as a very quick solution. Sonikel Ultrasonic provides turnkey solutions by combining this technology with automation.

UFC-P1 General Features: Sonikel ultrasonic 12 years of ultrasonic and automation experience in the food sector's design and production of UFC-P1 for their customers. The UFC-P1 consisting of a stainless body and titanium alloy blade is 100% suitable for 100% food. It is very frequently preferred because cheddar cheese, honeycomb honey, halva, cake, sandwiches are smooth and fast cutting even in food. Thanks to its bands in the loading and unloading area, it can be easily used next to the production line or even integrated into the production line. The UFC-P1 segment can be specially designed according to the dimensions of the food product and product.

Frequency: 20 khz
Exit Powers: 1000W / 2500W
Feed voltage: 230V / 50-60 Hz
Setting options: Cutting time / Cutting / Conveyor belt speed / blade Motion speed / operator password / prescription memory

UFC-P1 Katalog